Clue 24

Clue: You can rent stand-up paddleboards or even a canoe,
at the new home of Hoofers called OutdoorUW.

Task: Head down to OutdoorUW near the Terrace and snap a pic of the Hoofers sailboats. Tweet it to us using #Hoofers and #FindUW.

Did you know UW-Madison owns the second largest sailboat fleet of any school in the nation? We’re only behind… you guessed it, the U.S. Naval Academy. 

Follow on Twitter: @wisco_hoofers

Clue 23

Clue: We call it the Red Gym, but you won’t find any sports teams.
What we do have are endless student orgs (or so it seems)

Task: Pick up a list of student orgs and tweet the first one you want to join to #FindUW

Follow on Twitter: @UWCfLI

Clue 22

Clue: Gordon & Dejope - one in Southeast, one in Lakeshore.
The great meals here always leave you coming back for more!

Task: No purchase necessary. Either send us a picture of you & your meal or one inside the building. Tweet your picture to #FindUW.

Follow on Twitter: @HousingUWDining

Clue 21

Clue: Make a stop at College Library, or should we say Helen C.
She’s hiding in the computer lab, go find her x3!

Task: Head upstairs to the computer lab and find Helen C. White hiding on a table nearby. Take a silly picture with her and tweet it using #FindUW.

Follow on Twitter: @college_library

Clue 20

Clue: Badgers most commonly get to class on their feet,
but for a speedy commute, hop on the 80. Take a seat!

Task: Download MobileUW on your smartphone and use the bus app to find the closest bus stop to you. Take a screenshot and tweet it to us using #FindUW.

Follow on Twitter: @UWTransServices, @mymetrobus

Clue 19

Clue: Say “Aloha” to Steenbock Library at the Library Luau, Wednesday night at 7pm and learn about all that UW Libraries have to offer.
                         (Psst… We hear they’re giving away tons of beach balls!)

Task: Visit the service desk and pick up a beach ball and take a photo at the Luau photo booth. Tweet us the photo using #FindUW.

Follow on Twitter: @Ask_Steenbock

Clue 18

Clue: Sometimes it’s nice to get away from all the crowds. Take a walk down the Lakeshore Path to Picnic Point for one of the most senic views on campus.

Task: Possibilites are endless at Picnic Point. Sit on the tree that hangs over the water, have a bonfire, take a run out there. Whatever you decide to do, take a pic and tweet it to #FindUW. 

Bonus point if you find the “Touch here for an official Picnic Point run” sign!

Clue 17

Clue: Our campus is beautiful and a bit hilly, but it isn’t so fun to walk around when it gets chilly. Pick up your bus pass from ASM in the Student Activity Center!

Task: Pick up your bus pass and tweet a photo of you holding it. Don’t forget to tag #FindUW!

Follow on Twitter: @asmstudentgov

Clue 16

Clue: There are quite a few colorful chairs here, all with a fantastic view of Lake Mendota…can you find the biggest one?

Task: Who’s in for a lake jump?? Gather a few friends and take a dip in Lake Mendota, then cross it off your #BuckyList. Tweet us a post-jump pic using #FindUW.

If you don’t feel like getting wet, hop on up in one of the giant Terrace chairs for one of the best photo ops on campus. Don’t forget to tweet us the pic using #FindUW.

Follow on Twitter: @WisconsinUnion 

Clue 15

Clue: Walk like the dinosaurs did through the Mesozoic garden at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, but be on the lookout for your favorite place to study!

Task: Send us a selfie from amongst the plants and fossils using #FindUW.

Follow on Twitter: @WIDiscovery

Clue 14

Clue: Make a quick stop at the beautiful Grainger Hall.
A whole new flock of Business Badgers will make there home here this fall.

Task: Where can you view four time zones at once? Find it and tweet a photo including #FindUW.

Follow on Twitter: @UWBusiness

Clue 13

Clue: Pretty soon, Badger fans will be Jumping (Around) for joy here.
Find the student entrance (and pick up your season tickets for the year)!

Task: Can you fit all of Camp Randall in one photo? Include your season tickets if you got ‘em! #FindUW

Follow on Twitter: @BadgerFootball

Clue 12

Clue: The bookstore has all your school essentials - books, supplies, everything is here!
Don’t forget your free bucky shirt, it’s a great place to pick up some Badger gear.

Task: Can you carry all your textbooks at the same time? Tweet us a photo of your stack and share it with #FindUW.

Follow on Twitter: @UWBookStore

Clue 11

Clue: The Capitol is a bit far, so don’t go over too late…
be sure to get a picture in that great building down State!

Task: Enjoy the views from on top of the world… or at least on top of Madison. Take it all in from the top floor observation deck and inside the rotunda. Tweet us a picture of either and tag #FindUW.

Clue 10

Clue: While his “Land” may be our neighbors to the south,
this guy seems to be pretty content overlooking our campus.

Task: Rub Abe’s foot for good luck and tweet a selfie with him to #FindUW.